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How does EFFEX differ from other technology agencies?

Our team is composed of SOFTWARE ENGINEERS  with over 40 years experience, specializing in architecting and solutioning cloud based systems for small startups,  large public corporations and  federal institutions. We are a full stack agency providing expertise from the backend to the front end of any software application.  Our team takes pride in being able to play multiple roles in a project. If you need a Business Analyst, a Project Manager, a Database Engineer,  a Web Based Developer, a Mobile Developer,  or anything in between we got you covered.


We LOVE building cloud web based solutions. Whether you need to upgrade or augment your current application stack, let our team show you the way.

We live and breathe Node.JS, React, Angular, and PHP


We specialize in many Cloud Based Data Stores. Expertise in traditional Relational to NOSQL databases.

Oracle, AWS Aurora, AWS MySQL, Postgres, Big Query, Firebase and everything in between .


Rapid Application Development, specializing in Native and Hybrid iOS and Android

Utilizing frameworks to leverage full use of cloud stores, authentication, and presentation.


We have developed a Communication platform that can be integrated into any existing data application.

If you need an Email, SMS, and Mobile notification channel partner, we got you covered.

Saas Development

Experts in creating cloud based applications that have a. SaaS architecture in mind. Build once and sell multiple times.


Our years of experience on many merger and acquisition projects allows us to provide great strategies to move partial or full data migrations into the cloud.

“Providing Cloud Based Solutions for our customers keeps us awake at night! Cloud Services allows our customers to run a very thin organization. We help small startups and Fortune 500 companies grow and scale as needed. We strive to keep our customers educated in this ever changing landscape.”

Learn from EFFEX trusted clients and loyal partners

“What an amazing job we get from EFFEX. Professional company with a group of incredible personal assistants. A strong recommendation.”
Elena Cormio, Mastercard
"I don't know what I did before starting work with EFFEX. They saved my business and gave me freedom from day-to-day office assignments."
Elyse Krim, Innerwealth Group
“Our life has become easier, and we couldn't be happier about switching to a virtual assistant provider. Thank you EFFEX.”
Clara Perez, Syntax Consulting Inc.

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